The Adventure Museum - Flash Advergame (2007)

This was an ambitious Flash project created by our team of 6 (3 artists and 3 web programmers) in about 5 weeks. The assignment was to create an advergame to promote the themes of The Children's Museum of Pittsburgh. Our group went above and beyond with this one- creating a full on adventure game with exploration, inventory, minigames, 3D rendered graphics, cinematics and robust UI.

Besides helping to develop the concept, my part in the project included creating all the 3D environment assets that we rendered to 2D in layers to allow players to walk behind objects like pillars and such. I based my style for these off of the levels in Super Mario RPG- a classic example of rendered isometric environments. I also orchestrated the cinematics which zoomed from the 3D environment seamlessly into the minigame state. And lastly I was responsible for modeling, animating and... voicing (yep, not kidding) the parrot who acts as the mentor/ narrator. My career as a voice actor has still yet to take off believe it or not.

"The Adventure Museum" Copyright 2007 Team 6S